Friday, March 31, 2006 @ 12:26 by Alana.

And my class are back and full of beans.

I am back and not so beanful.

Also, Melbourne was an awesome place to be during the Commonwealth Games! Too bad I was in Tasmania for half of it. I ended up watching the netball at New Zealand House - ye-ah! It was great - no aussies so none of that "oi oi oi" business. My bro Em and I bought "Go Kiwis" tee-shirts and we had randoms coming up to us everywhere we went saying "Yea, go the Kiwi's!". Also made me realise that my accent has indeed changed - heaven forbid - and I have now a versatile, trans-tasman Kiwi-Australian accent. Everywhere I go I will be teased!!! Everywhere in either of these two countries anyway.

I'm off now to have lunch. (Grapes, not beans)

Friday, March 10, 2006 @ 17:12 by Alana.

Holidays: here I come!
Will be dropping in on a Bic Runga concert in Melbourne on my way to Tazzie for a week.
See ya!