Wednesday, January 11, 2006 @ 18:41 by Alana.

As it turns out, my namesake is in fact a herb.

 @ 14:14 by Alana.

G'day folks.

Well, after having a blast on New Years (it was too good to even write about) I am about to commence moving to rural Victoria for my new job.

I don't really know anyone in Drouin, with the exception of a few teachers at my school. But it is a gorgeous country town, with landscape similar to New Zealand, including GREEN grass and possibly more roses than you would find in Surrey Hills!

Heres the thing: I have looked at a couple of rentals and there is one very sylish, very large farmhouse for lease, for - wait for it... 100 BUCKS a week! If I can find two more flatmates, rent per person per week would be $33.33 recurring!

So let me sum up the incentives for being my flatmate:
- Large vintage syle house (The fringing on one of the bedroom lampshades is 40cm long, my word!);
- Large lawn;
- Pretty countryside;
- Green grass;
- Roses everywhere;
- There is also a flower farm on the hill opposite;
- Cheheheheheap rent;
- 5 minutes drive to the two nearest main towns which come complete with antique and op-shops;
- An hour and a bit to Melbourne CBD;
- An hour to the beach;
- Maybe 7 hours from NZ;
- I'll be there (guaranteed fun times);
- Roses everywhere;
- I'll be there;
- Lots of roses.

How to end this spiel, I'm not quite sure. But one thing I am sure of is this: you'd be a darn fool to let this opportunity slip.