Monday, January 24, 2005 @ 14:40 by Alana.

and so therefore it came to pass that alana macpherson of aotearoa had not the time nor the inclination to blog anymore

but if you want to know how she is going
please drop by for a friendly chat
or ring her on the telephone


Sunday, January 09, 2005 @ 12:12 by Alana.

well it was a very busy week indeed
hanging out with nz sarah as well as working full time
we didn't see a mid summer nights dream but
caught up with the new tunes of joshowenband
and had dinner at southbank - place where there are lots of nice restaurants on the south bank of the yarra river
and hung wit da owens in melton before dropping sarah to the aiport earli sat morning.

yesterday saw the incredibles. loved it.
what would your superpower be if you could have one? think i'd have healing powers, where if i was cut i could just heal.
more importantly, what supertalents do you have that you can be using right now?

Thursday, January 06, 2005 @ 13:22 by Alana.

ever wondered why?
i found this comment on a computer game website and is the best explanation:

Sinistre is the latin for Left Hand.
The history of shaking hands: The reason we shake hands is to show that we are not holding a weapon in our hands and thus come in peace. Which is why we link the word sinister in english to being untrusful, dark or grim, because in those days, the left handed warriors were not to be trusted as they could shake with their right hands and stab with their left.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005 @ 13:57 by Alana.

i'm back and better than ever
doing more temp work
at the victorian institute of teaching

sarah my good friend landkroon is staying at my house this week
i have missed her so

tanya left last week :(

there's a girl who i'm temping with who has just come back from london. she'd been temping there and highly recommends it. after london she went and backpacked around europe. i like this idea.

going to see a mid summer nights dream tonight
at the botanical gardens
i am excited
msnd is my fave shakespeare play
i'll let you know how it goes