Thursday, October 28, 2004 @ 16:27 by Alana.

leaving the train station in the evening reminds me of folk-dancing at primary school.

we all start by getting off the train together, then we go for a skip to the right, then i go right and you go to the left, meet new partner, a step in time together up the ramp, then bow to your partner and off you go home.

i wish bowing was still in vogue.

Monday, October 11, 2004 @ 15:08 by Alana.

does anyone have a copy of Krusy's Sticky The Cat album from years back? if you do, can i have it? or a copy of it? Pleeeeease :):):)

Thursday, October 07, 2004 @ 16:12 by Alana.

Recent studies conducted in the beautiful city of Melbourne have confirmed that it is actually possible to send mail using subway coupons as opposed to postage stamps.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004 @ 18:25 by Alana.

We had a big party at our house on the weekend. But my friends, this was no ordinary party, this was a big WIG party.

When we decided to throw a 'welcome to the house Alana and Silvia' party a couple of months ago, I was prepared to leave it at that. But my wiser and insistent housemates decided that a wig party was just the ticket. I thought that noone would take to the theme but everyone did and it was ueberGREAT.

I wore a wig of big blonde bouncy curls. Sunny (another flatmate) wore blue plaits and her sister wore a flouro afro (my fave wig).
Jonathan Owen wore his own hair as a wig! He sellotaped his hair down then shaved it off, turned it inside out and wore it on his head. If we had prizes, I would have given him one.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable night. Lots of cool people, lots of good music, lots of bad dancing and lots of wonderful wigs!