Thursday, September 30, 2004 @ 17:20 by Alana.

er... um what?!

Tuesday, September 28, 2004 @ 16:54 by Alana.

My contract at Mercer just got lengthened by 2 weeks! COOL!
I'm really enjoying the job. Everyone here is really friendly and I don't feel i get treated like a lowly dum blonde receptionist even tho I often am one. There are five or six people who stop by for a chat everyday which suits me just fine 'cause it gets a bit lonely out the front here on my own. And once a month the company shouts everyone free drinks - alright! I'm not sure if most companies do... this is my first time in the rat race and its not nearly so bad as I expected. I guess I expected cold, unrelational, people-machines. Instead, they're warm and friendly people-machines.

Yesterday I discovered the big red panic button under the desk with my left knee. Oops. Fortunately for me, the security guy is also friendly and forgiving.

Hope that you're also have a spectacular day!

Monday, September 27, 2004 @ 15:42 by Alana.

I’m busy, busy
Terribly busy
You’ve no idea what I have to do
I’m busy busy
Shockingly busy
Much much too busy for you

Monday, September 20, 2004 @ 17:09 by Alana.

this is my first day going solo at reception at and so far i have been run off my feet. i have no time to blog (like, obviously), write personal emails, talk on the phone and count down the minutes til hometime. i have been overburdened with phone-calls (3 today i think) and the pressure is just overwhelming. i think if it gets any worse, i just might crack. or take crack. or something.

ha, not really.

btw, did i tell you about the water feature in the foyer downstairs? if you're interested.

if you're also getting paid to do not-a-lot, gimme a holler!

Friday, September 17, 2004 @ 16:57 by Alana.

good afternooon
mercer wealth solutions
alana speaking...

Monday, September 13, 2004 @ 15:02 by Alana.

i start work at "mercer h r" on thursday. (said "mercer heych har" but i shall have to teach them aussies a thing or two about correct pronounciation).
in the mean time i'm just busying myself by tring to finish assignments.

my uncle Nick had a bad fall two weeks ago. hes a builder and he fell of a two story building, fracturing his skull, bruising his brain, and breaking bones. he also had internal bleeding and spent a while in intensive care. but i am pleased to report that he is progressing well. he is in a ward now but not yet up to seeing visitors. i'm going to pop down to the xian book shop and find something nice, yet challenging for family who believe in god but not really. if you know what i mean. i'll go and visit them this weekend.

on my way to the supermarket with sylvia a month ago, a friendly looking white bird dive bombed poor sylvia and ruffled her feathers (ahehehe). then on wed when i was walking to the supermarket, taking the same senic bush shortcut again, i warned poor sarah brightwell about sylvias experience with that not-friendly bird. she didn't actually believe me, hehe, unitl, lo and behold the same bird of deceitful appearance gave sarah a taste of what i'd been warning her about!!!!
oh so funny for me
anyone care to join me grocery shopping this thursday? i can't garantee your safety, but i can garantee exciting encounters with australain nature!

Friday, September 03, 2004 @ 23:18 by Alana.

my employment here in melbourne has been somewhat since i've moved back with a few casual jobs here and there to get by
today i got a proper job!!! its a two month contract with a company down the 'paris' end of collins street in the cbd (surrounding shops include gucci, prada, etc for lunch break shopping). this is perfect for me because it gets me through to nearly the end of the year with a bit of money for fees so i CAN graduate! hoooray!

andrea got given a car. YES. GIVEN A CAR! We were jumping up and down screaming a minute ago... She is a nanny and while picking up one of her kids from school she got talking to one of the mums and explained how it was a bit difficult not having a car. the mum then said something along the lines of "oh, we've got a spare one that we're not using. do you want it?" !!!
its a 1971 White V-Dub. They're quite happy for her to just use it until the end of the year or until it dies. its so cute (oh, alana you're such a girl) who cares how fast it goes... or doesn't go.

>sigh< so much good news and its only 11:00.
bring on the rest of the day!