Tuesday, March 23, 2004 @ 16:27 by Alana.

turns out i've broken my scaphoid bone.

my right arm is in plaster from my elbow down to the tip of me thumb. they should've put me in a straight jacket! i can't work and i have few pingers in my pocket so when i come home from grad on friday, i'll be staying home for approx 10 weeks.

why georgia why

despite the fact that this is a HUGE and ANNOYING and UNFAIR and COMPLETE RRRRRRRR disruptance to my plans for this year, i'm wondering what God has in store for me. Right now I cannot see any point in breaking bones and hearts and leaving new friends and fun and chocolate hot cross buns behind and putting the adventure on hold for 10 weeks. But surely He can ...

I hate this.
Maybe I should go and read the book of Job and stop feeling sorry for myself.

Thursday, March 18, 2004 @ 14:07 by Alana.

last week i couldn't work (ye-ah) cos my wrist hurt too much (ye-ow)
so i had to take the week off
so i went to warrnambool, a town 2.5 hours drive south west on the coast. i stayed with tasha brightwell who lives and works down there and also visited tanya & steve landreth and the diacks from wyndham! I know! I met up with Hannah Diack at the youth camp and then when i realised who she was i couldn't believe it. warrnambool (or nam as some like to call it) is a nice seaside town with lots of pretty scenery and green grass (a novelty when you come from no-grass-melton).
that friday night, got back, went to youth group, went to bed.
earli sat morning, got up, drove 2 hours with tash, sarah and alice to the other side of Melbourne, the east side, to woori yallek. nice weather, nice mountains - the dandenong ranges - and nice people at a nice party on a nice night.
a nice week in all.
nice and good things.
maybe i should extend my vocab.

Tuesday, March 09, 2004 @ 11:40 by Alana.

after watching the church boyz basketball team
i felt inspired.
so at the youth camp i went to this weekend, when someone said 'wanna play b-ball?' i said 'sure thing!'.
and then
after maybe 2 or 3 minutes of not having to say 'fish and chips' for someone and having the time of my life
i fell.
My right hand is wearing a bandage and today i'll probably need an x-ray on it (the hand not the bandage) because it appears that i may have broken a bone in there somewhere.


who were married on saturday. the day before i was injured. blessings on you both.

Tuesday, March 02, 2004 @ 10:56 by Alana.

day by day i sit and wait
in vain, for a letter to arrive
woe is me
for i am letterless.

-Alana Macpherson on her 1 1/2 month anniversary in Melbourne, having writ atleast 10 letters and having received none. Woe is she...