Friday, February 20, 2004 @ 16:36 by Alana.

re: my last post
I didn't mean
"oh rats, i can't be a lesbian feminist because I'm a Christian."

I did mean
taking into consideration the way i have been repulsed by some of the male species lately, i may be a very different person if i wasn't a Bible-believer. But God is faithful. So nothing to worry bout!

Today was my 4th shift at Bakers Delight. Not all bad but not me. Yesterday I went for an interview at a Personal Management agency so I may be picking up a PA job sometime in the near future, hopefully with some nannying involved. The only thing keeping me from getting another job like this straight away is the fact that i don't have a car. But not having a car has been one of my favourite things about moving!
i'm lovin' it!

Friday, February 13, 2004 @ 15:17 by Alana.

yesterday i did a lot of walking
which meant for me a lot of thinking
and i came to this:

if i wasn't a christian i may well be a lesbian feminist.

i also thunk a few other things but not nearly so exciting as this.

Wednesday, February 11, 2004 @ 17:28 by Alana.

Hi its me again! (suprise surprise...)

I have a job in a scrummy bakery just 10 mins walk away, here in melton. Working with lots of lovely cheerful superfriendly or-strar-le-ans. Its not exactly what I had in mind but I"ve been a bit bored of job hunting lately so its nice to think I"ll be busy again soon. I start on Monday next week. Today when I went in to pick up paperwork my new manager gave me a chocolate chip hot cross bun. Mmm mmmmmm! Yes, I like my new manager so far.

I heard about the floods at Covenant! Doesn"t sound much unlike the flashfloods that happened here last week when it seemed as if we had a whole months worth of rain in ten minutes! People had rivers instead of driveways for an afternoon. Hmm, I"m thirsty.

Its Andrea's birthday this Friday so we be going to have a partay of some sort this weekend. Oh, I love a party. The best part about going to Andrea, Graham & Emma's is catching trains and trams, and elevators that transport you from a busy underground station to a green serene park up above. Who'd have thought that park was just the pretty face of a busy train station?

Spoke to family last night on the phone. Starting to feel missage emotions coming on. Awww! I miss you guys! I miss friends mostly. Friends that I could just see 'round here and there or call on the phone and yak to for a while. Well oh well, I'm meeting new people all the time and I have a growing circle of friends that has gone from ... 5 to ... 7! in the last month. Wow. I"ve never counted all my friends before. Now I can count them all on less-than-both hands. Cool.

Well I"m off to the gym in a mo.
See ya see ya wouldn't wanna be ya!

ps. is carl really at grace?

Thursday, February 05, 2004 @ 13:07 by Alana.

Artist: Ugly Duckling
Album: Journey to Anywhere.
Stole it off Carl for a wee while a wee while ago.
Title: Pick Up Lines
Think: White rappers

What's the place where you see more girls
that you'd like to pick up, than any other place?

Honey was offended by the pick up line
Honey was offended by the pick up line
Honey was offended by the pick up line
Honey was offended by the pick up line

If I said you had a beautiful body would you hold it against me?
Can I buy you a drink? Your glass is empty
What's a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?
Anyway, you come here often? Is this seat taken miss?
America? No? Well you should be a model I'm
New in town so could you show me around?
Can I call you sometime?
I'd like to get to knowin
Your place or mine? I love your eyes, hey where you goin?

Now, honey didn't do what everyone else does
She stood out without making a scene because she was
The hottest but the most modest in a long plaid skirt
And a shirt with a little picture of Ernie & Bert
Now, she played no sports except scholastic sorts
An academic epidemic during book reports
The starlet of a play, not a harlot to lay
So all the school ?? mad that she wouldn't give it away

Honey was offended by the pick up line
Honey was offended by the pick up line
When Joe the superhoe said, "Baby what's your sign?"
Honey was offended by the pick up line

Cut my bangs so they don't hang, then shampoo the doo
Get the hair out of my eye so I can look into
Of you master and capture the flag
In a '65 rag with brand new tags
She's for real, I feel *chills, they're multiplyin*

*it's so electrifyin, it's so electrifyin*
No denyin that I'm tryin to undress her
With that phony rap, you wouldn't even get near it
She wouldn't go for sugar-coated lyrics
So other girls would say, "She must be gay"
And call her a Lenny Dykstra
But soo what? They really wanted to be just like her
Jealous, I won't offend her, I'll treat her tender
Defend her and send her letters and such
But there's no rush and there's no
Baby you're so fine I wanna make you mine
Cuz honey simply ignored the pick-up line

Honey was offended by the pick up line
Honey was offended by the pick up line
There's no "Baby you're fine I wanna make you mine"
Cuz Honey was offended by the pick up line

Well excuse me

Y'all step up to this

Now the main dude who wooed women tried to make his move
On her, so we all watched to see what she would do
He moved in: "Hey baby doll.. what's up with us?"
And honey was like, "Excuse me, but I'm gonna be late for my bus"
So I stepped up to her and said here's what I'm about
Long walks, deep thoughts, I I'd take you out, I won't
Play games or try to take the truth and bend it
I just wanna talk, and she wasn't offended

The pickup line, the pick up line
Honey was offended by the pick up line
Honey was offended by the pick up line
When the R&B singer said let's bump n grind
Honey was offended by the pick up line

Tuesday, February 03, 2004 @ 13:51 by Alana.

Response to the question, "In YOUR opinion, what is modesty?? Is it something girls should even bother with, or is it outdated? Does it really matter?"

It [modesty is] something I appreciate very much. Modesty is showing me that you respect yourself, that you respect me, and that you respect God. Respect yourself - you're worth so much more than what the guys think of your body. Respect me - you have no idea how much your body can tempt my eyes, even if you try. Respect God - He created you and values you beyond your body, and He's given you instruction on this in His Word.
19-year old guy

the proof of the pudding is in the eating... modesty poll

Monday, February 02, 2004 @ 12:16 by Alana.

it wasn't alive. it wasn't poisonous. it was brown. it was disgusting. it was on someones doorstep. what is it with guys and finding it funning when girls get scared by scary things like snakes!!??!!